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Our identity

Our Community, our identity...

The Association, also called Community, has the name of Ordine Massonico Tradizionale Italiano (O:.M:.T:.I:.) and has its Masonic texts of reference in the Constitutions of Anderson, 1723 and in the General Statutes of the Society of Freemasons, Naples 1820.

The Community pursues the purposes of Universal Freemasonry and operates in compliance with its principles and values by:

It is carried out only by the Lodges and aims to improve the Human Being by meaning:

 - Full realization and defense of human values, such as: freedom, equality, brotherhood, tolerance, respect for others, solidarity.

 Refusal of any discrimination.

- Development of the dynamics of listening and dialogue, according to G. Calogero's aphorism: "Understand the other how you would like it to be done with you".

Search for Truth through the application of methodological doubt.

- The promotion of the autonomy of conscience and of choice that normally conflicts with any desire for manipulation and external conditioning.

In-depth study of the initiatory path, based on the Masonic method which consists of: exegesis of the iconological, dynamic and narrative symbol, in the teaching of silence and speech, in moving from a concessive tolerance to a tolerance of the appreciation of the others.

- The ability to create a harmony between one's own interiority and what generates the Human Being and his path.

- The ability to appreciate the growth of others, in the hope that the others can reach levels higher than ours.

It is carried out by the Community and aims to facilitate the work of the Lodges and their effects in the Society, through:

Cultural promotion.

- Promotion of internal and external solidarity.

- Promotion of the values of Freemasonry.

Defense of Freemasonry and fight against ignorance and prejudice.

Every human beingwithout limitation of any gender, political or religious faithcan apply to be admitted to Ordine Massonico Tradizionale Italiano.



As a natural and further path of personal improvement and esoteric studies, the Ordine Massonico Tradizionale Italiano admits several Rites.

In the Order and in its regular and non-regular part-sessions, belonging to a Rite does not imply any particular prerogative or privilege.

Each Brother / Sister can be part of several Rites and / or pass from one to the other if the government / regulations of these allow it. The relations between the Order and Rites are regulated by Treatises.

At the moment the Rites proposed by Ordine Massonico Tradizionale Italiano are the Egyptian Rite of Misraim and the Ancient and Accepted Traditional Scottish Rite of Italy (RSAA TI).